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London Seamless Flat Roofing Ltd provide the cold applied, seamless,free from joints solutions to your roofs,balconies and walkways.

Our firm  is constantly at the cutting edge of technology and, with the latest expertise, can guarantee you high-quality,safe, reliable workmanship. Our specialists will support you from the early stages of planning through to the completion of all waterproofing works. Our service is always punctual, good value for money and professional.We cooperate with world leading manufactureres of liquid waterproofing systems to deliver high quality

performance for our clients.

We are involved in both the refurbisment and new build sector for:










London Seamless Flat Roofing Ltd offers seamless solutions to the most varied substrates using only non flame liquid waterproofing systems.

In most refurbishment projects liquid roofing systems are usually applied over the existing waterproofing, therefore removal of the existing system is avoided, there is no need for any form of temporary roof, and contract time is faster and safer than most conventional systems.

Traditional method of application for roofing systems can require temperatures in excess of +500 C to +800 C using gas torches,burners under bitumen boilers and hot air or hot gas guns.Often the danger is not immadiately apparent as many roofing materials smoulder for some time,before igniting.It other cases,fire can develop across the entire spread of building in less than 20 minutes.Not only does heat represent a risk to the building but there are also health and safety concerns for the installers and building occupiers.

The potential fire hazard has led many companies to ban heat applied systems on the roofs.

Key Systems Benefits

-Cold applied,seamless technology,zero heat,zero flame application

-Easy to install system with simple application in detail areas

-Increased working window- no restriction to holiday&shutdown periods

-Systems achieve high tensile strengh,resisting tear from building movement

-High elasticy-allow for greater thermal movement

-Highly resistant to erosion,cracking or other defects

-designed to last the liftime of the building

-Comprehensive guarantees are available for 10,15,20 and 25 years

-Easy to install top-up systems for extended guarantees

-Available in wide range of colours,with skid inhibiting options


About us

About us




LONDON SEAMLESS FLAT ROOFING LTD was established in 2005 but founder have had more then 12 years experience in installation of liquid waterproofing systems.

We are:

Member of The National Federation of Roofing Contractors Ltd


Safecontractor Accredited Contractor

Garland Approved Contractor

IKO Approved Contractor

Triflex Approved Contractor

Centaur Approved Contractor

Westwood Approved Contractor

Proteus Approved Contractor

Enke Approved Contractor 

Sika Approved Contractor

Icopal Approved Contractor






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